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SToRy oF THe YeaRS Juni 15, 2009

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01 and the hero will drown.mp3
02 until the day i die.mp3
03 anthem of our dying day.mp3
04 in the shadows.mp3
05 dive right in.mp3
06 swallow the knife.mp3
07 burning years.mp3
08 page avenue.mp3
09 sidewalks.mp3
10 divide and conquer.mp3
11 razorblades.mp3
12 falling down.mp3

SToRy oF THe YeaR – THe BLaCK SWaN

01.Choose your fate.mp3
02.Wake up.mp3
03.The antidote.mp3
04.Tell me (pac).mp3
05.Angel in the swamp.mp3
06.Black swan.mp3
07.Message to the world.mp3
08.Apathy is deathwish.mp3
09.We are not gonna make it.mp3
12.Pale blue dot (interlude).mp3
13.Welcome to our new war.mp3



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